07 Clean Excess

Delicate cleaner for bitumen, resin and reagents
0,5 l ART. 150705
1 l ART. 15071ЖБ
5 l ART. 15075ЖБ

Agent for cleaning oil products. Designed for delicate cleaning of the body, glass, discs, chassis of vehicles from traces of tar, bitumen, preservatives (Movil). Has a high rate of penetration and dissolution of contaminants.


  • Has a high rate of penetration and dissolution of contaminants, which allows cleaning in one go without reapplication.
  • Ideal for removing stains from paintwork and other
    non-solvent resistant surfaces.
  • Easily rinsed off the treated surface.


Thoroughly clean the outside of the surface before use with SAFE or ECOSAFE and then TOO SHAMPOO high foaming shampoo using a specialized sponge. First check the compatibility of the product with the surface to be treated. Apply undiluted. Apply to dry surface, leave for 1-2 minutes. Wipe with a soft sponge, lightly. Wash off with plenty of water.

Additional information

Storage Store in a tightly closed container in covered warehouses at a temperature not lower than 5 ° C and not higher than 25 ° C. Do not store near heating appliances or in direct sunlight. The guaranteed shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture. Keep away from sources of ignition / heat / sparks / open flames.

Composition Aliphatic hydrocarbons (more than 30%), aromatic hydrocarbons (5-15%), nonionic surfactants (less than 5%), functional additives according to the original manufacturer’s recipe (less than 5%), perfume (less than 5%).