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Glass cleaner-degreaser
0,5 l ART. 151705
1 l ART. 15171
5 l ART. 15175
ph 9,0

Ready-to-use alcohol-based glass cleaner. Designed for quick and effective cleaning of: car windows, mirrors, tinting films and other alcohol-resistant surfaces. Allows you to get a clean surface without streaks, has high degreasing properties.


  • Quickly and effectively cleans car windows, mirrors, tinting films and other alcohol-resistant surfaces
  • Removes insect residues, greases, oils, silicones, traces of nicotine, other fat-like inclusions, clouding of paintwork from winter road reagents
  • Provides an instant, streak-free clean surface


before use, check the compatibility of the product with the surface to be treated. The product is ready to use and does not require dilution. Apply to the surface using a trigger or a cloth dampened with cleaner. Wipe with a dry, clean cloth, paper towel, and a specialized microfiber cloth. For processing glass, you must use a separate napkin, monitor the cleanliness of the napkin.

Additional information

Storage conditions: store in a tightly closed original container at temperatures between + 5˚C and + 25˚C. After defrosting and thorough mixing, it completely restores its properties.

Composition: Deionized water (more than 30%), isopropyl alcohol (5-15%), water-soluble solvents (less than 5%), water-soluble polymers (less than 5%), functional additives (less than 5%)