22 Lord Stone

Scallop cleaner
0,5 l ART. 152205
ph 2,0

Composition for cleaning hard surfaces from traces of calcium and magnesium deposits (water stone). Designed for quick and safe removal of mineral deposits from glass and paintwork areolas. It removes deeply penetrated limescale deposits, which over time can firmly adhere to the coating, and lead to the need for abrasive polishing. 


  • Quickly, effectively and safely removes mineral deposits from hard water from glass and areola paint
  • Ideally cleans the surface from all lime deposits, helps to increase the service life of subsequent coatings
  • An optimally selected composition of acidic components and wetting agents removes deeply penetrated water deposits, which can become deeply entrenched in the coating over time


Do not apply to hot surfaces. Stir the contents of the bottle thoroughly before use. Do not apply to a hot surface, exposed to direct sunlight, at negative temperatures. Apply to the part to be cleaned using a trigger or a napkin moistened with the agent, wipe with a clean microfiber cloth, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. Dry the surface with turbo-drying or soft wiping materials. In case of incomplete removal of stains, repeat the procedure.

Additional information

Storage: store in a tightly closed original container at temperatures between -20˚C and + 25˚C. Freezing is allowed for the period of transportation. After defrosting and thorough mixing, it completely restores its properties.

Composition: deionized water (more than 30%), nonionic surfactants (more than 5 but less than 15%), anionic surfactants (more than 5 but less than 15%), mineral acids (less than 5%), functional additives according to the original manufacturer’s recipe (less than 5%).