12 Motor Protector

Highly stable engine preservative
0,5 l ART. 151205
1 l ART. 15121
5 l ART. 15125

Preservative for the treatment of engines, power units, rubber hoses, body parts, plastic linings and soundproofing.


  • A stable, elastic protective film formed on the surface protects against corrosion, temperature drops, anti-icing agents.
  • Once completely dry, it prevents the deposition of dirt, oils and facilitates subsequent cleaning.
  • Returns machined parts to their original appearance.


Apply undiluted. Shake well before use. Apply after washing the engine with MOTORSTAR or MOTORSTAR GEL by spraying from a distance of 15-20 cm. Let the engine dry naturally for 30-45 minutes. If necessary, polish and remove excess composition with a microfiber towel or napkin.

Additional information

Storage conditions: store in a tightly closed container in a covered warehouse at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° С and not higher than + 25 ° С. Do not store near heating appliances or in direct sunlight. The guaranteed shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Composition: Deionized water (more than 30%), natural oils (5-15%), film former (less than 5%), preservative (less than 5%), functional additives according to the original recipe of the manufacturer (less than 5%), flavoring (less than 5%), dye (less than 5%).