11 Motorstar Gel

Gel engine cleaner
0,5 l ART. 151105
1 l ART. 15111
5 l ART. 15115ЖБ

Dielectric hydrophobic gel based on solvent hydrocarbons for engine cleaning. Designed for cleaning engines, power units, various parts, rubber hoses, body parts, plastic linings, noise insulation.


  • High viscosity contributes to long adhesion to the surface, increasing the quality of cleaning.

  • Hydrophobic hydrocarbon base of the product blocks the ingress of water to electrical parts, which minimizes the risk of wiring shorting.
  • Unlike standard alkaline cleaners, it is able to clean complex oil contaminants, carbon deposits in one


Apply undiluted. Before washing, disconnect the battery terminal, dismantle the plastic engine protection, individual and monoblock ignition coils. Apply only to the cooled engine with a sprayer from the bottom up. Leave for 7-10 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination, without allowing the composition to dry. Wash off the product with steam or running water using a specialized brush. Flush with high pressure water from a distance of at least 1 m. Dry the engine naturally or with an air stream.

Additional information

Storage conditions: store in a tightly closed original container at a temperature of + 5˚C to + 20˚C. When stored at elevated temperatures, the viscosity of the product may decrease. Deterioration of performance is possible after freezing. During long-term storage, product stratification is possible, stirring is required.

Composition: aliphatic hydrocarbons (more than 30%), aromatic hydrocarbons (5-15%), nonionic surfactants (less than 5%), anionic surfactants (less than 5%), complexing agents (less than 5%), functional additives according to the original recipe of the manufacturer (less 5%), flavor (less than 5%), color (less than 5%).