25 Quartz Flash

Hydrophobic and glossy quartz coating.
0,5 l ART. 152505

Quartz coating for car body. Designed to form a stable hydrophobic, protective layer on the surface of the car body within 1-3 months (depending on the number of washes). Contained in the composition of polyfunctional compounds of silicon oxide provide long-term protection and gloss of the paintwork.


  • High gloss and color saturation
  • Powerful hydrophobic effect
  • Can be used on paint, chrome, plastic, vinyl and many other surfaces


Before use, clean the surface in two stages: with SAFE or ECOSAFE non-contact cleaning agents and TOO SHAMPOO high foaming shampoo using a specialized sponge. Stir well before use. Do not apply to an unwashed surface! Spray the product onto a wet, clean vehicle surface using a trigger (1 spray per 1 m²) and evenly distribute with a clean, coarse sponge. Rinse the body with water, polish dry with microfiber. When applying, it is necessary to exclude the ingress of dust and dirt on the surface of the body to avoid adhesion of dirt particles to the coating.

Additional information

Storage: store in a tightly closed container in a covered warehouse at a temperature not lower than -25 ° C and not higher than 25 ° C. The product does not freeze, precipitation is possible when it is strongly cooled. After raising the temperature and mixing thoroughly, it completely restores its properties.

Composition: aliphatic solvents (more than 30%), organic solvents (more than 30%), silicon-containing compounds (less than 5%).