01 Safe

Body pre-cleaner
1 L ART. 15011
5 L ART. 15015
20 L ART. 150120
PH 12

Non-contact primary compound. Concentrated mildly alkaline agent for non-contact cleaning of car exterior surfaces during the first stage of washing. Ideal for pre-cleaning the body before applying hand car washes, protective coatings, and nanoceramic coatings.


  • Penetrates deep layers of dirt quickly, allowing them to be completely separated from the surface.
  • Has a nice odor and, unlike excessively alkaline active foams, does not irritate the respiratory tract.
  • The corrosion inhibitors in the mixture ensure that sensitive components such as polished, anodized aluminum discs, chromium inserts, and various types of plastics are compatible with the composition.


Apply to cool surfaces only. Check the product’s compatibility with the treated surface before using it. Avoid allowing the foam to dry on the vehicle’s surface. Apply on a dry layer of dirt for optimal effects. However, substantial layers of soil must be knocked down in the case of significant contamination. For optimal surface cure, apply in a thin layer from bottom to top. Wash off with plenty of water from bottom to top after 1.5-3 minutes. On the surface, the maximum exposure time is 5 minutes, and the maximum permitted dilution is 1: 6.

Dilution:Foam set: 1: 3-1: 6; Foam generator: 1: 40-1: 70; Sprayer: 1: 40-1: 70


Additional information

Storage conditions: Store at a temperature of + 5°C to + 25°C in the original container that is well closed. The product has frozen. It entirely resumes its qualities after defrosting and thorough mixing.
12 ph 3 years shelf life

Composition: deionized water (30% or more), complexing agents (15-30%), amphoteric surfactants (less than 5-15%), non-ionic surfactants (less than 5-15%), functional additives according to the manufacturer’s original formula (less than 5%), dye (less than 5%), scent (less than 5%). (less than 5%).