23 Skin Virgin

Foam Leather Cleaner
0,5 l ART. 152305
5 l ART. 15235
ph 9,0

Car interior cleaner. Designed for cleaning surfaces made of various types of leather (except suede and nubuck), from a variety of dirt. Does not contain solvents, alkalis, acids.


  • Quickly, effectively and safely removes stubborn dirt and stains
  • Ideally cleans the most common surface stains before applying Protective Conditioner
  • After drying does not leave stubborn residues and stickiness


Stir the contents of the bottle thoroughly before use. Pre-check the compatibility of the product with the surface to be treated. Do not apply to a hot surface, exposed to direct sunlight, at negative temperatures. For best results, we recommend using a specialized leather cleaning brush. Apply a small amount of the product to a brush, sponge, napkin, rub evenly over the dirty surface. Let the product sit on the surface for 1-2 minutes. Take up the rest of the product with a clean microfiber cloth, soft absorbent cloths.

Additional information

Storage: store in a tightly closed original container at temperatures between -20˚C and + 25˚C. Freezing is allowed for the period of transportation. After defrosting and thorough mixing, it completely restores its properties.

Composition: deionized water (more than 30%), nonionic surfactants (less than 5%), cationic surfactants (less than 5%), functional additives according to the original manufacturer’s recipe (less than 5%).